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The foundation

National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) is national leading center for training civil servants, public managers and high-quality human resources in public administration sector in Vietnam. NAPA was first established on 29th May 1959 under the name of Public Administration School and the School was under the administration of Ministry of Home Affairs at that time. From 1959 to 2004, NAPA continuously developed and changes the name into National Academy of Public Administration in 1992.


Three main functions of NAPA

  • training for high and middle ranking leaders and managers of the government
  • training of administrative human resources from bachelor to doctorates level
  • researching and consult government in policy matters

Organisational Structure

NAPA has 4 campuses throughout Vietnam includes Hanoi campus as the headquarters of NAPA, Ho Chi Minh City campus, Hue campus and Center highland campus

The academy system consists of

  • 9 faculties
  • 3 training management units
  • 5 functional units and
  • 7 professional services units and one division

which sum up to the total of approximately 850 employees throughout Vietnam.

Training Majors

NAPA is a multidisciplinary academy with various majors includes

  • Public Administration
  • Public Finance Management
  • State Management on Economy Affairs
  • State Management on Social Affairs
  • Human Resource Management
  • Inspection
  • State management on Urban and Rural Development and Public Policy

These majors will help NAPA’s student to have access to many administration skills which will support them in their Public Administration careers. Other than that, NAPA also provides training for Senior Expert Candidates and Principal Expert Candidates through the in-service training programs which have been tailored to match positions and skills of each candidate group.

International Cooperation

As a state member of three international organizations in public administrations include

  • Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration (EROPA),
  • Asian Group for Public Administration
  • International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA)

NAPA has shown the active role in successfully hosting EROPA conferences. The academy has the honor to cooperate with more than 50 reputation research and training institutions in public administration and signed many agreements of cooperation with other well-known institutions around the world such as

  • ENA (France)
  • ENAP Québec (Canada)
  • Tokyo University (Japan)
  • University of Tampere (Finland)

Moreover, the academy also provides training for Laos student ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate and short course training for Laos and Bangladesh official from middle rank to high rank.

In general, all of these international cooperation activities make NAPA become a popular training destination for many countries in the region and for anyone who are interested in public administration training.

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