Seminars “Learning English and web-based tools” and “Overseas internship”

On December 28th 2017, National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) organized seminars “Learning English and web-based tools” and “Overseas internship” for NAPA students. The seminars were organized by staff and lectures of NAPA International Cooperation Department. Presented in the seminar were Ms. Pham Thi Quynh Hoa, Director of NAPA International Cooperation Department, NAPA lecturers and third year students.

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During the seminar, NAPA lecturers shared true stories of good English at work as key to success, especially in globalization and integration. Experience in learning English, using learning methods as well as website-based tools was also exchanged between lecturers and students. Participating in the seminar, NAPA students also had the chance to get more information on overseas internship and especially experience in living abroad when talking to the students who experienced such internship programs. At the end of the seminar, NAPA students actively discussed with NAPA lecturers on different matters related to learning English and overseas internship.

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The seminar provided useful information for NAPA students in learning English and overseas internship which motivates students to self-study and get prepared for studying and living abroad.

Useful Sources:

Từ điển oxford advanced learner

BBC Learning English

VOA Learning English

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