Department of Undergraduate Training Management

Department of Undergraduate Training Management was established on October 10th, 2002 (NAPA)

Functions and tasks 

  • Providing consultancy for NAPA leaders in managing undergraduate programs in public administration of different training types including full-time, part-time, second-degree
  • Providing physical education, defence and political knowledge training for full-time students.

Organizational Structure

  • Total staff: 48
  • Acting General Director
  • Vice General Director
  • Divisions
    • Undergraduate Training Division
    • Division for Physical, Defence, Politics Education and Students Management
    • In-service Training Division


  • Advising and assisting NAPA President in organizing national university entrance examinations Providing advice for NAPA President and cooperating with other faculties in development of curricula of the undergraduate training program in majors of public administration, the undergraduate program as second degree training, part-time training program
  • Managing undergraduate  training programs of different types Development Orientation
  • Restructuring and staffing the divisions of the Department of Undergraduate Training Management to suit the new period
  • Innovations of training management for quality management
  • Application of technology in training management in collaborating with the Center for Informatics for Public Administration and IT
  • Working closely with other faculties to ensure training activities of   training programs in nine majors
  • Participating in development of training curricula, innovations in training curricula, Enforcement of new regulations on enrollment training g in line with the educational reform initiated by the Ministry of Education and Training

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