The ASEAN Network of Public Service Training Institutes (PSTI) was proposed by Singapore at the 2nd ASEAN Heads of Civil Service (AHOCS) Retreat in Manila on 2 November 2017, in recognition of the role of the PSTIs in developing the capabilities of the public services in the ASEAN Member States. The ASEAN PSTI Network is established to promote cooperation and exchanges among the PSTIs in learning and people development, and to enhance their roles in supporting the transformation of their respective public services.


The ASEAN PSTI Network aims to:

i) Build a community of PSTI senior officials who are responsible for learning and development of public officials;

ii) Promote the exchange of good practices and lessons in building capabilities for the public service; and

iii) Strengthen the learning and development competencies of PSTI professionals.


The ASEAN PSTI Network will comprise representatives from the designated Public Service Training Institute (PSTI) in each of the ASEAN Member States.

1. Brunei Darussalam: Civil Service Institute (CSI), Prime Minister’s Office

2. Cambodia: Royal School of Administration (RSA)

3. Indonesia: Civil Service Development Centre (CSDC), National Civil Service Agency

4. Lao PDR: Public Administration Research and Training Institute (PARTI), Ministry of Home Affairs

5. Malaysia: National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN)

6. Myanmar: Central Institute of Civil Service, Union Civil Service Bo

7. Philippines: Civil Service Institute (CSI), Civil Service Commission

8. Singapore: Civil Service College (CSC)

9. Thailand: Civil Service Training Institute (CSTI), Office of the Civil Service Commission

10. Viet Nam: National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA)


The role of Convenor of the ASEAN PSTI Network will generally be rotated among ASEAN Member States in alphabetical order for a term of two years. There is flexibility for a member state to swap its Convenorship term with another member state, subject to mutual agreement between both parties.

As proposer of the ASEAN PSTI Network and following Singapore’s Chairmanship of the 19th ACCSM from 2017-2018, Singapore will serve as Convenor from 2019-2020, followed by Thailand from 2021-2022.

The Convenor of the ASEAN PSTI Network will be responsible for the following roles within the 2-year term:

i) Hosting of meetings for the ASEAN PSTI Network;

ii) Organising of capability building activities for the ASEAN PSTI Network;

iii) Facilitating the sharing of resources among the ASEAN PSTI Network; and

iv) Facilitating coordination and consultation with ASEAN Member States on the areas of cooperation.

v) Ensuring alignment with ACCSM through coordination and consultation with the ASEAN Secretariat.


The ASEAN PSTI Network shall cooperate in meetings, capability building activities and/or sharing of resources, which will be hosted or coordinated by the Convenor of the ASEAN PSTI Network.

i) Community Building:

+ Meeting of PSTI Heads to share challenges and best practices;

ii) Capability building activities:

+ Benchmarking visits for PSTI officers to understand strategies and operationsof fellow ASEAN PSTIs

+ Allocated places for PSTI officers in conferences/programmes by fellow ASEAN PSTIs

+ Work attachments for PSTI officers to understand specific operations of fellow  ASEAN PSTIs

iii) Sharing of resources

+ Exchange of articles and papers by PSTIs on an online platform

+ Exchange of Resource Persons to speak at PSTI’s conferences or programmes

+ Sharing of ASEAN PSTI policies and processes (non-sensitive)

Fellow PSTIs may provide support to the Convenor by contributing speakers or inviting external speakers for the meetings or capability building activities.


2-year workplan would serve to focus the areas of cooperation on topics of importance to the ASEAN PSTIs, which include but are not limited to sharing of best organisational practices, teaching methodologies and capability building of ASEAN PSTI officers.

The workplan, with details on specific areas of cooperation, will be endorsed by the ACCSM Heads of Civil Service every 2 years following the Heads of Civil Service Meeting of the 19th ACCSM in Singapore on 25 October 2018.


The costs of travel, accommodation and any incidental expenses will be borne by participating PSTIs for their representatives attending the meetings or activities held by the Convenor or fellow PSTIs.

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