Cooperation activities with Laos

I. Cooperation background

Vietnam established diplomatic relations with Laos on September 5, 1962. The two sides signed the Vietnam-Laos Treaty on Amity and Cooperation on July 18, 1977, bringing about comprehensive and deepened development between the two countries.

NAPA started cooperation with Laos in 1998.

II. Cooperation activities with Laos

1. Training courses on public administration for Laos government officials

The training course lasts two months and the training participants are middle and high ranking public leaders and managers working in various government agencies and organizations, at  different government levels in. The training aims to equip participants with leadership, management knowledge and skills and share best practices in socio-economic development, including renovation, reform initiatives in public service delivery and so on.

Until now, NAPA has succesfully trained for about 400 Laos officials.

NAPA advocates incessantly innovation of the curriculum, especially for the training courses for Laos leaders to match the reality of the country to the Lao officials after completing the course. Refresher training at NAPA can best apply knowledge – learned in the work experience, help to improve the efficiency of Laos country’s service. Besides, each year, NAPA organizes 2-3 months training programs on public administration for 20 members which are middle to high ranking officials from Laos government.

2. Degree training programs for Laos students

The training coopreration has been promoted at all degree training levels of NAPA: bachelor, master, and doctoral levels. Every year, NAPA receives 25-30 Laos students for bachelor training, about 20 Laos students for master training and 2-3 Laos students for doctoral training. Instruction language of degree training programs is Vietnamese and Laos students study with Vietnamese students. Until now, NAPA has succesfully trained for about 600 Laos students including bachelors, masters , and doctors.

NAPA provides favorable conditions and facilities for Lao students to support them during their study in Vietnam

3.Training of trainers for Lao Institute of Politics and Administration

4. Academic exchange

5. Assisting Lao Institute of Politics and Administration in designing training curricula and courseware

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