Autumn Korean Culture Camp 2024


You are cordially invited to participate in the Korean Culture Camp in Seoul, Korea in 2024, hosted by AYFN. Discover the various cultures and experiences in life! Seoul is a city that successfully blends modernism with oriental tradition! Realize your potential!

Overview of the program

Experience Korea with the Korean Culture Camp Program offered by AYFN this autumn. Students and young people interested in a brief immersion program in Korean language and culture are welcome to apply for this program.

An excellent Korean learning cultural immersion program is being offered by The AYFN Academy in collaboration with a local group, with the aim of broadening foreign tourists’ awareness of The Republic of South Korea. To improve the Korean experience, the program incorporates daily activities, cultural outings, and Korean language instruction. International participants are welcome, regardless of their degree of Korean language proficiency.

This involves a program created especially to provide Korean language instruction to participants between the ages of 17 and 35, along with an opportunity for participants to learn about Korean culture. This will be accomplished by going to well-known Seoul landmarks as well as engaging in customary cultural pursuits including enjoying local cuisine (Kimchi, Kimbab, Ramyun, etc.), learning about traditional Korean arts, and experiencing Korean tradition (wearing a Hanbok).

Our goal is to instill in the next generation an appreciation for language acquisition while also encouraging them to be open-minded toward different cultures. We want the participants to return from their trip with a deeper understanding of Korea and a solid foundation in the language, as well as with amazing and unforgettable experiences.

Date of program = 17 – 22 November 2024


  1. Live for 6 days in Seoul, Korea.
  2. Korean language class
  3. Learn and understand Korean culture directly.
  4. Heritage walking tour around Seoul.
  5. Experience to be like local people by experiencing the local traditions.
  6. Experimental learning.
  7. E-Certificate of participation from AYFN.


Korean language learning

We offer classes for beginners. Participants can start learning from Korean basics, including self-introduction, greetings, listening, and basic conversations. The classes will promote interactive learning. Furthermore, the participants will have opportunities to interact with local people to practice daily conversations.

Korean culture learning

Participants will have a chance to make Kimchi (the famous dish of Korea) as well as experience the culture by joining cultural activities such as wear Hanbok, etc. In addition, participants will also visit places in Seoul where they can experience and learn about history, culture and society of Korea. Seoul tour includes Namsan Tower, Gyeongbokgung palace, Bukchon Village, Nami Island and Insadong Gil.

Accommodation and Meal during camp

During this camp, participants will be accommodated in a safe and comfortable accommodations. The accommodation id a popular and a very sociable option as you get to live and socialize with other participants, 2 -3 people in a room. Living conditions in the hotel is very good and very clean. Males and females are accommodated in separate room.

Korea is renowned for its tasty and healthy food. There are numerous amazing restaurants throughout Seoul which you will be directed to by program staff if you wish to eat out occasionally.


Day Activity Place
A week before departure Basic Korean Language Class (Online) Zoom
Day 1 Arrival in Incheon International Airport
Transfer to accommodation
Get to know each other and orientation
Myeodong street
Incheon International Airport
Day 2 Korean language and culture class
Museum or temple tour around Seongbok
Walking tour around Insadong Gil
Walking tour around Bukchon Hanok Village
Seongbok Dong and Bukchon
Day 3 Korean Language and culture class
Visit to K-Hub
Walking around Cheonggyechon Stream and Gwanghanmun
Visit to Geongbokgung Palace
Seongbok Dong, Gwnghanmun and Gyengbokgung
Day 4 Korean Language and culture class
Visit to Namsan Tower
Seongbok Dong and Namsan
Day 5 Nami island visit
Walking tour to Kyunghee University
Closing program
Nami Island, Chungcheon and Kyunghee University
Day 6 Hotel check out
Fly back home

How to apply?

Procedure Scholarship Scheme Self-funded Scheme
Step 1 Pay the selection fee.CLICK HERE to pay. Fill up the application form:
Register Online here!

Deadline: 1 October 2024 (23.59 GMT+7) or till quota is over. 15 slots remaining.
Step 2 Fill up the application form below:STUDENT

MEMBER OF AYFNDeadline of application submission: 31 JULY 2024
Pay the Registration Fee to secure your place.Learn more about what’s included in your AYFN Registration Fee”.
Step 3 Notification of first stage selection (Documents) Pay the Program Fee.
Step 4 Interview (Short listed candidates only) Process the Visa (If needed)
Step 5 Final announcement Departure to Seoul, South Korea.
Get ready to go abroad, we’ll support you every step of the way!



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