Faculty of Graduate Training

The Faculty of Graduate Training was established in October 10th 2002.

Functions and Duties:

  • Management of graduate training programs (Master of Public Management; Master of Finance – Banking; Master of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law; Master of Public Policies; and Doctor of Public Management);
  • Organizing and managing the graduate training and activities related to Master and Doctor degree training.

Organizational Structure:

  • Total staff: 26 including 1 Professor, 6 Doctors, 13 Masters and 6 Bachelors
  • Dean of Faculty: Dr. Nguyễn Bá Chiến
  • Vice Dean: Dr. Nguyễn Minh Sản; Dr. Hoàng Mai
  • Divisions:
    • Division of Planning and General Afairs
      • Head of the division: Dr. Nguyễn Thu Thủy
      • Deputy Head: Ms. Nguyễn Thị Thanh Bình
    • Division of Master Training Management
      • Deputy Head: Ms. Đỗ Thuận An
    • Division of Doctor Training Management
      • Deputy Head: Dr. Lê Anh Xuân; Mr. Lê Như Phong
    • Division of Joint-Training Management
      • Deputy Head: Dr. Bùi Kim Chi

Main activities:

  1. Cooperating with NAPA’s Science Council of Graduate Training and other units in development of training programs, management of teaching plans, and preparation of procedures for a new training program.
  2. Planning and preparing NAPA’s annual admission.
  3. Organizing admission activities for NAPA’s doctor and master degree training programs.
  4. Management of master and doctor degree training programs as required by the regulations.
  5. Monitoring students’ study and research activities as well as organizing final exams and certification.
  6. Drafting decisions on and lists of those students eligible for master and doctor degree certification. Preparing periodic reports on the master and doctor degree training.
  7. Announcing documents related to the master and doctor degree training including training curricula, teaching materials, teaching plans, annual admission for individual specialization, lists of students passing the exams and lists of students graduating and eligible for degree certification.


  • Certificate of Merit awarded by the Ministry of Home Affair in 2013;
  • Certificate of Merit awarded by the State in 2012;
  • Title of “Good Collective of Labor” awarded annually since 2003;


  • Launching new graduate training programs including Master of Economic Management, Master of Party and State Construction, Doctor of Public Policies;
  • Improving the quality of graduate training management by perfecting stages of the training cycle: reviewing forms and profiles; improving materials for graduate training; inviting professional and capable lecturers and academic supervisors; improving training facilities;
  • Publishing a list of required qualifications for eligible applicants for the master and doctor training programs;
  • Developing a foundation course curriculum for applicants for the master training programs;
  • Formulating regulations on research-oriented and practice-oriented master training programs.

Email: Khoa_saudaihoc@napa.vn



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