Graduation of training courses for public officials at NAPA Branch Campus in Tay Nguyen

On January 11, 2019, NAPA Branch Campus in Tay Nguyen organized the closing ceremony of the training course for senior officials. Participating in the training were 28 public leaders in the provinces in the Central Highlands and in the neighboring region.

Mr. Tong Dang Hung, Deputy Director, Department of Refresher Training Management, NAPA acknowledged the participant’s hard working during the training course. He expected senior officials will apply what they have learnt during the training course to their work practice.

On behalf of the course participants, Mr. Hoang Manh Hung extended sincere thanks to NAPA and lecturers for providing management and leadership knowledge, skills as well as experience. He also affirmed that the input provided would be very useful for their work performance improvement.


Mr. Tong Dang Hung presenting course certificates to participants


Mr. Hoang Manh Hung delivered speech on behalf of course participants

Course participants and NAPA management

Course participants and NAPA management

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