Lao National Television interviewing NAPA’s lecturers

Lao National Television interviewed NAPA’s lecturers on July 14, 2021.

The interview was conducted by reporter Chansamone Vongsod.

NAPA has provided degree training and short courses for hundreds of Lao students over the past years.  On July 14, 2021, Sinnakhone Doungbandith, NAPA’s doctoral student successfully defended his dissertation in Public management entitled “The quality of civil servants in provincial Party Organization Committees of the Lao PDR”.  Sinnakhone Doungbandith was supervised by Assoc.Prof. Dang Khac Anh, Dean of Faculty of State Management of Social Affairs, NAPA.

In the interview, in response to the question on the research capability of the doctoral student, Assoc.Prof. Dang Khac Anh said Sinnakhone Doungbandith proved himself as a serious and responsible researcher with a good attitude to study and independent research skills. Dang Khac Anh also shared his difficulties as a supervisor of a Lao PhD student when the research theme is challenging but of urgency both in theory and in practice in the development of a quality contingent of civil servants in provincial Party Organization Commitees of the Lao PDR. Fortunately, Sinnakhone Doungbandith’s good ability of Vietnamese language greatly supports his learning and research. The Doctoral Dissertation Assessment Council recognized his research contributions and provided suggestions for further improvement of the doctoral dissertation to be

applied in the practice and contribute to the development of Provincial Party Organization Committees in particular and Lao PDR in general.

Reporter Chansamone Vongsod in the interview

Reporter Chansamone Vongsod in the interview

In responding to the reporter’s question, the Chair of the Doctoral Dissertation Assessment Council, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Hai emphasized that Sinnakhone Doungbandith’s dissertation showed a high applicability on both aspects of theory and practice. It completely assesses the actual situation of the civil servant quality in provincial Party Organization Committees of the Lao PDR, providing clear evidence. The doctoral dissertation can be a reference for Lao Provincial Organization Committees to study and propose measures and policies for further improvement of civil servant quality. The six groups of solutions recommended in the dissertation can be policy suggestions for the competent authorities to improve the legal system, develop a policy system and take specific measures to improve the quality of the contingent of civil servants of Laos.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Hai, Dean, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Organization – Personnel Management, NAPA in the interview

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Hai, Dean, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Organization – Personnel Management, NAPA in the interview

In terms of application, the doctoral student is successful in building a theoretical framework to evaluate the quality of civil servants in Provincial Organization Committees which can be used by other organizations in Lao political system to evaluate their staff. With a series of conducted research, the dissertation can be a useful reference for learning and research in both Vietnam and Laos and a suggestion for future PhD students when doing research in the similar field. When revised on the Council’s feedback, it will make more practical contributions to Provincial Organization Committees and to the revolutionary cause of Lao PDR.

For over 62 years of establishment and development, NAPA has been constantly developing and attained important and outstanding achievements. It has become one of the leading training centers for cadres, civil servants and public employees  in agencies of the political system of Vietnam and conducted  international missions including training for key officials of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party and Lao PDR, contributing to  a valuable human resource in the defense and development of the country as well as strengthening the long lasting friendship between Vietnam and Laos.

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