Must-visit year-end tourism destinations

The last months of the year with cool, pleasant weather are always an ideal opportunity to plan travel. Taking a break from the noisy city, let’s explore the following destinations.
 Ha Giang
Poetic Ha Giang in buckwheat flower season (Photo: VnTrip)

In the last three months of the year, Ha Giang is in buckwheat flower season – a typical flower of the Northwestern mountainous region. Coming to Ha Giang in this season, visitors will be immersed in flower fields filled with purple and pink colors, stretching across the fields and plateaus. This is also the time the annual Buckwheat Flower Festival is organized with many exciting activities such as fairs, sports competitions, traditional craft experiences and art performances.

To take the most beautiful photos with buckwheat flower fields, you can’t miss four spots: Quan Ba flower field, Lung Cam cultural village, the foot of Ma Pi Leng pass, and the foot of Lung Cu flagpole.

Ha Giang at the year-end not only has buckwheat flowers but also yellow mustard flowers, green rivers, and white snowflakes on leaves. They all create a poetic picture of mountains and forests.

Sa Pa

Hazy Sa Pa in a sea of white clouds (Photo: Tico Travel)

Bestowed with majestic nature and unique cultural features of ethnic minorities, Sa Pa is always an attractive destination for tourists. In the last months of the year, Sa Pa becomes even more bustling with groups of tourists coming for cloud hunting.

For those who love experience, cloud hunting at Fansipan peak or Ham Rong Mountain is an activity not to be missed. Wake up before dawn; overcome bumpy and craggy roads; wait in the cold weather to see the endless, floating sea of clouds surrounding the mountains and hills, covering everything below – these are unique experiences, not easy to have in daily life.

To have a safe cloud hunting trip and leave many beautiful memories, don’t forget to prepare sports shoes, warm clothes, water and filming equipment.

Tam Dao

Tam Dao – Town in the clouds (Photo: Tico Travel)

Also known as “Da Lat in the North”, “town in clouds”, Tam Dao in the northern province of Vinh Phuc attracts tourists with its mild climate and bold European architecture. The stone church, square, and Silver waterfall have become popular check-in locations for young people when coming to Tam Dao.

Tam Dao in winter is covered with fog, creating a romantic and quiet beauty. Its temperature is low but not freezing, so visitors can participate in some outdoor activities such as visiting Tam Dao National Park, Truc Lam Zen Monastery and a night market.

Mai Chau

Lac village – a key destination when visiting Mai Chau (Photo: VietnamBooking)

Not far from Hanoi, Mai Chau in the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh is a perfect choice for a weekend trip. Located in a small valley surrounded by mountains and hills, Mai Chau is bestowed with green nature, fresh air and peaceful villages.

Mai Chau in the last days of the year also has many special festivals. Don’t forget to visit Lac village, immerse yourself in the cultural features of the Thai ethnic minority such as bamboo dancing and brocade weaving, and enjoy unique local dishes.

Da Lat

Da Lat in winter covered with fog (Photo: Ngoc Mai)

Da Lat, the city of flowers, is a favorite destination for tourists in all seasons of the year. In winter, the city becomes even more romantic. The slow pace of life, fresh air and mist creeping in the city will bring visitors unforgettable experiences.

Towards the year-end, Da Lat becomes more and more bustling with the typical flower seasons of the plateau, such as wild sunflowers, geraniums, pink grass, mimosa and so on. This is also the time the colorful Da Lat Flower Festival is held.

Coming to Da Lat this season, don’t miss the hot, attractive dishes of the mountainous city: chicken hotpot with ocimum africanum leaves, beef hotpot, sturgeon hotpot, grilled chicken, bamboo-tube rice andhot soy milk, to name a few.

Phu Quoc

Da Lat in winter covered with fog (Photo: Ngoc Mai)

While the North is experiencing a cold winter, Phu Quoc is an ideal destination to avoid the cold. The period from October to April is the most beautiful season in Phu Quoc with no rain, mild sunshine, cool, calm sea, suitable for outdoor fun and exploration activities. This time is not the tourist season, the number of visitors to the island city is not too high, suitable for tourists who love a quiet, private vacation.

November is also seafood season. Visitors to Phu Quoc will enjoy a variety of dishes from fresh seafood, along with many unique local specialties./.

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