NAPA President working with Rector of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA)

Dr. Dang Xuan Hoan, NAPA President, received and worked with RANEPA delegation led by Prof. Dr. Vladimir Aleksandrovich Mau, RANEPA Rector on May 29th, 2019 in Hanoi. Attending at the reception were from RANEPA: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maxim Nhicolaievich, RANEPA Deputy Rector; Prof. Dr. Alevtina Vladimirovna Shevchenko, Deputy Director, Institute of Law and National Security; Ms. Taradina Larisa Dmitrieva, Director of International Education and Cooperation Development; Ms. Natalia Shafinskaya, Director of the Russian Center for Science and Culture, First Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Vietnam, and other members. Presented at the reception with RANEPA were from NAPA: Director of International Cooperation Department, Chief of Office, Director of Department of Refresher Training Management, Director of Center for Foreign Languages – Informatics and Information – Library, Deans of Faculty of State Management of Social Affairs; Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Organization – Personnel Management, Faculty of Documentation and Administrative Technology, Faculty of State – Law and Theoretical Foundation, Faculty of State Management of Economic Affairs.


Dr. Dang Xuan Hoan, NAPA President delivering speech


RANEPA delegation visiting and working with NAPA

RANEPA Rector, on behalf of the delegation, extended to NAPA President and staff the best wishes on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of NAPA. President recalled the close cooperation between NAPA and the former Soviet Union and now the Russian Federation. He ascertained that prospect cooperation between NAPA and RANEPA would be built on and promoted by the tradition of mutual cooperation. He also stated that NAPA is considering RANEPA as a model for its organizational structure in the coming time. NAPA President emphasized the initial successes in the cooperative relations between the two sides, especially the close coordination of RANEPA in developing a study-tour program to Russia for departmental-level managers in July 2019. NAPA President believed that RANEPA leadership will make it possible for the memorandum of understanding signed between the two parties to be implemented effectively.


The reception and working session


Prof.Dr. Vladimir Aleksandrovich Mau, RANEPA Rector giving a present to NAPA President on the occasion of NAPA’s 60th anniversary


Dr. Dang Xuan Hoan, NAPA President giving presents to RANEPA delegation members


NAPA President and staff taking photo with RANEPA delegation


RANEPA delegation taking photo with NAPA staff

Comments from RANEPA delegation members for NAPA’s guestbook

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