National Academy of Public Administrant delegation participates in IIAS and IASIA conference 2016 in China

National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) delegation led by Dr. Hoang Quang Dat, Dean of Faculty of Public Servant Training participated in 2016 IIAS and IASIA Joint Congress from September 20th to September 25th at Chéngdu, Chuān Shǔ, China.

The theme of  2016 Congress is “Building Capacity for Sustainable Governance. Three sub-themes include 1) Strategy vision and priorities for sustainable governance; 2) Building modern legal, institutional, and organizational systems; 3) Building public service human and financial resources capacity.

Besides, 2016 IIAS-IASIA Joint Congress  also organizes related sessions such as Policy Platform, Forum of Heads of Scholls and Institutes, PhD Session, thematic meeting for international organization in China and many other meetings.

More than 500 people participate in the Conference including scholars, practitioners, professionals in public administration and public policy from different countries. In the Conference there are 174 presentations delivered. Dr. Nguyen Hoang Hien from NAPA  gives a presentation about “Public Policy Planning at Ministry of Transport in Vietnam” which attracts attention of many participants in the Congress session.

The Congress gives NAPA delegation an opportunity to meet and discuss with many participants from various countries including China, Korea, Japan and etc. As a part of the Conference Social Program, NAPA delegation visits Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and Dujiangyan Water Conservatory Project. The visit helps NAPA to learn more about the development goals of China.

doan trung quoc 1

doan di trung quoc

doan di trung quoc 2

NAPA delegation at the general meeting

doan trung quoc 6

Project of Dujiangyan Water Conservatory Project

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