Public official training for the political system in Vietnam


Training is a process focusing on facilitating public officials to improve knowledge, skills, capability, behavior to assume the assigned tasks of their current job to accomplish organizational objectives.Training based on organizational and employee needs and training right employees and training effectively.

Development is a process preparing public officials for movingto another job position (often to the higher position) in the organization or enhancing their knowledge, skills, capability for a completely new job in the future.

International experience:A focus is given in developed countries on the training of potential government officials to ensure leadership quality at both central and local levels. Governments of the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea as well as Singapore pay much attention to training and development of public officials, especially public managers. Training is designed with a focus on development of leadership skills, ethics, professional expertise, personal competences. Each job position level is given a suitable training.

Program 165

Program 165 is the overseas training program for public leaders and managers funded by the State budget.

Training target groups

At central level:

  1. Vice Ministers, equivalent and higher positions;
  2. Officials at ministerial department levels and equivalentlevels
  3. Potential young public officials (for master and doctoral training programs)

At local level:

  1. Four key positions at provincial level (Secretary, Permanent Deputy Secretary, Chairperson of the People’s Committee, Chairperson of the People’s Council);
  2. Public officials identified for succession planning for these four positions
  3. Leaders of provincial departments and agencies
  4. Four key positions at district level
  5. Potential young public officials

Training programs

  1. Master training

1.1. Purpose

To provide professional and management knowledge in a systematic, fundamental manner for competent young officials.

After training they will become outstanding officials who assume technocratic tasks in all fields of the political system.

Some of them will be sector and country leaders in the future.

1.2. Target group:

Competent officials under 35 years old

Having at least two year working experience in the public organizations

Getting agreement by the sending organization

1.3. Disciplines

Public policy, public administration

Management related disciplines (economics, finance, environment, education, health, public security, national defense, personnel, etc.)

1.4. Selection

Foreign language command

Test analytical skills through GMAT/GRE


Those people who have been applied andadmitted to one of 50 top universities in the world, meeting Vietnam’s eligibility criteria  (including age, years of working experience, agreement by the sending organization) do not have to take the above mentioned tests.

  1. Training courses

To provide training (at basic and advanced levels) on skills of all four groups for officials at mid-ranking leadership positions so that they could apply immediately these skills to their job

Training duration is neither too short (time sufficient to master skills) nor too long (within the time limit of absence from work).

Overseas and in-country training with instruction by foreign trainers.

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