Speech by NAPA former teacher at the 65th Anniversary Celebration of the National Academy of Public Administration

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Khien, former NAPA Vice President, Chair of the Association of Former Teachers, at the celebration.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Khien, former NAPA Vice President, Chair of the Association of Former Teachers, at the celebration.

Her Excellency Madame Phạm Thị Thanh Trà, Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Home Affairs;

Leaders of the ministry and general directors of the ministry;

Distinguished Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyễn  Bá Chiến, NAPA President;

Dear Leaders of NAPA, leaders of NAPA faculties and departments;

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am very pleased to be here on behalf of former employees at NAPA to say some words at the celebration of NAPA’s 65th anniversary.

  1. We feel that NAPA’s leaders and staff have paid constant care and affection to the former employees who have made contributions in various ways to NAPA’s development.
  2. Whenever we come to NAPA, whether individually, as a group, or on the reunion day of the former employees, we always feel happy because we are returning to the place where we used to work, where we find closeness and connection.
  3. The past several decades have witnessed the unity and efforts of NAPA’s leaders and staff in overcoming difficult times and Importantly, in recent years, NAPA has made proud and admirable achievements. NAPA’s development strategy clearly defines the organizational vision and position. NAPA’s training has constantly adopted innovation. The teaching staff have increasingly improved their knowledge and skills, especially academic and professional qualifications, which makes NAPA the leading provider of public employees for the government. NAPA has established effective international cooperation, which contributes to the position of the Vietnamese Public Administration.
  4. I think NAPA’s achievements and successes result from the great attention of ministry leaders and departmental leaders.
  5. The construction of the new NAPA office building has shown strong support from the government and the Ministry of Home Affairs and the attention of the Party and the state to the training of Vietnamese civil servants and public employees in the current period.
  6. Regarding the activities of the Association of Former Teachers, I would like to say that the Association always completes the tasks of a professional association of intellectuals. No members of the Association are left without encouragement and caring. The Association carries out activities in accordance with the guidance of the Central Association of Former Teachers, such as honoring contributions and organizing longevity ceremonies.

Finally, I wish the Minister and all of you good health, increasing achievements in the public service, and contributions to the development of the country. Congratulations to NAPA.

Thank you.

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