The Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) issuing Digital Transformation Index

On June 24, 2021, the Minister of Home Affairs signed Decision No. 765/QD-BNV on MOHA’s digital transformation index.

The Digital Transformation Index comprises indicators meaning digital transformation of MOHA’s departments and units.

BT Trà

MOHA’ digital transformation index aims to promote digital transformation in the operation of departments and units; build a digital ministry; provide the units’ heads with the current situation of digital transformation, which help them to develop a suitable digital transformation plan and find measures and solutions for effective and practical digital transformation in the units’ operation. It raises the awareness and responsibility of civil servants and public employees; carry out the public administration reform, thrift practice and waste combat, contributing to improving the efficiency of MOHA’s state management and promoting its digital transformation index.

MOHA’s digital transformation index includes seven main indicators: 1) Transformation of awareness, mechanisms and policies; 2) Institutional improvement; 3) Digital infrastructure and platforms; 4) Digital Information and Data; 5) Operation of Digital Transformation; 6) Cyber safety and security; 7) Human resource training and development.

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