The workshop “Master of Public Policy Program in Vietnam: The challenge and suggestion in completing the program base on Japanese experiences.”

Based on the framework of support project from International Cooperation Agency of Japan (JICA) to National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), NAPA collaborate with JICA on organized  the  workshop called ” The challenge and suggestion in completing the program base on Japanese experiences.”  The workshop aims to introduce the Master of Public Policy which JICA supported NAPA in constructing the program.and it also wanted to discuss the plans to complete the program based on the practical application of public administration in Vietnam and the experience of Japan in this particular matter.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Trieu Van Cuong, Vice Minister of the Home Affairs (MOHA),  Leader of NAPA, have attended and chaired this workshop. The workshop has attracted over 100 participants including the leaders, managers, scholars, scientists and practitioner from Japan and Vietnam.

Giving the speech at the workshop, on behalf of the Leaders of MOHA and NAPA, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Trieu Van Cuong  has highly appreciated the significance support from JICA in building the Master of Public Policy program for NAPA which meets the international standard and more importantly, it also suitable to the practice in Vietnam.  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Trieu Van Cuong emphasized that the Master of Public Policy, which JICA supported building, help students developing the knowledge and skills in planning, implementation and evaluation of policies based on four pillars: economic, political, legal and public management. Through this program, students learn how to analyze problems and think creatively  which will help them in delivering new approachs to different policy issues. This is the necessary knowledge and skills for the  manager  in order to effectively managing in public sector and  it’s also support the student in applying theoretical and practical evidence for design, implementation and evaluation policies which will contribute to the development process and solve  many important issues of our country,  furthermore, it also contributes to the improvement of the living conditions  for the citizen.

hoi thao voi Nhat Ban tai Melia 1

Associate Professor Triệu Văn Cường, Vice Minister of Ministry of Home Affair, giving a speech at the workshop


In the welcome speech of the workshop, Mr. Mori Mutsuya, Chief Representative of JICA Vietnam Office highly appreciated the commitment, determination and coordination of NAPA in the process of developing and implementing the project. Mr. Mori Mutsuya emphasize that the public policy is a constantly changing field along with the transformation of society;  moreover, in the context of international intergration, many opportunities and challenges will appear in this particular area of study. Mori Mutsuya believes that the Master of Public Policy at NAPA will meets the increasingly needs of Vietnam, and hope that the program is not only for the officials in the public sector but also deliver the comments and suggestions for  the student who are the manager of the private sector, thereby contributing to  improving the formulation and implementation of public policy in the practice.

hoi thao voi Nhat Ban tai Melia 2

Mori Mutsuya giving a welcome speech at the workshop

At the workshop, participants have heard the presentations and discussions about the content related to the process of policy making in Japan and the process of public policy making in Vietnam from many professors, experts and researchers in Vietnam and Japan, students in the Master of Public Policy program and the representatives of many ministries and departments  , through  this activities, participants can compare,  reflect and draw lessons to improve teaching and research in public policy.  In the workshop participants also heard the Japanese professor and Vietnam expert  introduce about the policy situation of Vietnam and Japan with its own characteristics which represents the diversity of content, object and scope of the situation, expressing the diversity, dynamism and complexity of the policy itself and the formulation and implementation of policies. Through the example of case study in policy, participants can get  very useful suggestions for teaching and researching in public policy. Based on the presentations and the exchanging of opinions, representative of the designing team for Master of Public Policy program presented the plan to integrate the analysis of practices and research results into the program. The workshop also receives many comments, suggestions,  and lots of contributions from scholars, Japanese experts, leaders, managers and representatives of students in order to complete program.

In conclusion of the workshop, Dr. Le Nhu Thanh, Permanent Vice President of NAPA  would like to give special thank and highly appreciate the presentations, comments from professors, experts, researchers and participants of the Workshop from Vietnam and Japan,  at the same time,   he also affirmed that the content of the presentation, the suggestions and comments of the speakers is very useful in teaching and research on public policy in Vietnam. Dr. Le Nhu Thanh affirmed that the valuable opinions of experts, participants will be researched and receptive by NAPA in order to completing theMPP

Dr. Le Nhu Thanh also said that, in the future, NAPA will continue to research and implement the following specific tasks: Continue to improve the teaching materials, collect the researched case studies to publish as teaching materials for Master Program in public policy at the Academy; Conduct promotion and widely introduce the MPP to attract the  large number of participants in the public sector and the private sector, especially the civil servants, manager in the political system of Vietnam; continue researching to refine the programs and modules  in order to make MPP become suitable in Vietnam and building specific regulations for the management of training quality for Master in Public Policy . These regulations will ensure the quality, usefulness and attractiveness to promote the advantages of the program  which make it become competitive in the market.

hoi thao voi Nhat Ban tai Melia 3

Dr Lê Như Thanh, Permanent Vice President of National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA)  giving a speech at the opening ceremony

hoi thao voi Nhat Ban tai Melia 4

hoi thao voi Nhat Ban tai Melia 5

Participants take a group photo 

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