Training course for Vietnam’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs) executives in China

On the morning of November 29th, under the cooperation framework between the Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises (CMSC), National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), Ministry of Home Affairs, and the China Business Executives Academy, Dalian (CBEAD), the Opening Ceremony of the Training course for Vietnam’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs) executives was held solemnly in China. Mr. Nguyen Canh Toan, Vice Chairman of CMSC attended and spoke at the ceremony.

Leader representatives from CMSC and Vietnam’s SOE executives as delegates attending the Opening Ceremony of the training course

Leader representatives from CMSC and Vietnam’s SOE executives as delegates attending the Opening Ceremony of the training course

Under the implementation of Resolution No.12-NQ/TW of the 12th Central Committee of Vietnamese Communist Party on continuing innovating and improving the efficiency of SOEs, which is to “increase fostering, training and enhancing professional and leadership competence, political ideology, ethics and lifestyle of SOEs’ executives”, Vietnam’s CMSC and NAPA (Ministry of Home Affairs) coordinated with China Business Executives Academy, Dalian (CBEAD) to organize the opening ceremony for the Training course for Vietnam’s SOE executives. The training course is an integral part of realizing the important consensus reached between Vietnam and China’s high-profile leaders, and the involved requests at the ministerial dialogue between Vietnam’s CMSC and China’s State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). The training course aims at strengthening leadership competence and strategic thinking of Vietnam’s SOE executives; updating the reform and development of SOEs through China’s experience; studying business strategic thinking in the new era; holding discussions with international experts about business sustainable development and improving leadership competence; and organizing field trips to China’s SOEs.

Participants in the training course consisted of 36 representatives from CMSC and SOEs, including Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam), Vietnam Electricity Corporation (EVN), Vietnam National Coal – Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Ltd. (Vinacomin), Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), Vietnam National Chemical Group (Vinachem), Vietnam Rubble Group (VRG), State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC), MobiFone Corporation, Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation (Vinataba), Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC), Vietnam Expressway Corporation (VEC), Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV), Northern Food Corporation (Vinafood 1), Southern Food Corporation (Vinafood 2), and Vietnam Forestry Corporation (Vinafor).

Delivering his speech at the opening ceremony, Vice President of CMSC, Mr. Nguyen Canh Toan said: The relationship between Vietnam and China in general, as well as between the agencies, localities, and enterprises of the two countries in particular, has been growing persistently both in width and depth. As part of this general development, the partnership between Vietnam’s SMSC and China’s SASAC has been cultivated step by step as the two agencies signed the Memorandum of Understanding in strengthening cooperation and exchange as Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong, General Secretary of Vietnamese Communist Party, officially visited China in November 2022.

According to Vice Chairman Nguyen Canh Toan, CMSC was established in 2018, appointed with the functions and tasks of representing the state capital at 19 state-owned enterprises of Vietnam. These enterprises operate in key industry sectors of Vietnam’s economy, such as electricity, oil and gas, minerals, chemicals, telecommunications, food, railways, in-land road infrastructure, marines, airlines, and financial investment. Despite accounting for merely 2% of the number the SOEs, these 19 enterprises hold 63% of total equity and 65% of total state-owned assets. “To accomplish the mission assigned by the Party and Government as owner’s representative at 19 enterprises, CMSC has always been focusing on building its contingency of cadres and officials and SOEs executives, of which the training and fostering is critical” – Vice Chairman confirmed.

This very first training course is a concrete demonstration of the active cooperation among the agencies involved. The leader of CMSC highly appreciates the training course and appointed a delegation to attend it, which includes representatives of corporations and groups governed by CMSC. “I would like to ask the executives of enterprises to make the most of this opportunity to learn from and exchange experience with top-tiered experts and business executives from China. I also believe this training course will pave a concrete way to foster an ever-growing and close-knit cooperative relations between both countries” – Vice Chairman Nguyen Canh Toan stressed.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the training course, Mr. Qiu Bao Lin – Party Secretary of CBEAD said: China and Vietnam share a lot of similarities in terms of political regime, ideology, and evolution pathway. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the initiative “Border and Road” last October, the President of Vietnam Mr. Vo Van Thuong led the delegation visiting China and met President Xi Jin Ping and other leaders of China. The two parties had reached many important common points of view after discussions. “The training course for Vietnam’s SOE executives aims at realizing these critical common grounds reached by leaders of China and Vietnam, carrying out the solid partnership between SASAC and CMSC, as well as promoting cooperation and exchange in the field of innovation and development among SOEs of the two countries” – Mr. Qiu emphasized.

According to Mr. Qiu Bao Lin, CBEAD was founded by the Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party to be a national executive education institution. The Academy is a leading facility for training senior managerial personnel of China’s SOEs, a center for research in business development pathways and managers of Chinese SOEs, and a leading platform for international training for Chinese entrepreneurs. Possessing its global stature in reform and open door policy, along with its expanding and deepening partnership with international education and business communities, as well as its close cooperation with nearly 90 educational institutions and organizations from 20 countries worldwide, CBEAD has become an internationally standardized training facility specialized in business cooperation and study exchange.

“Regarding the training content and teaching methodology applied to this course, leader representatives from CMSC and Vietnamese SOEs as students of the course will be provided with systematically summarized experiences in business reform and management from Chinese SOEs. We have set out 4 main themes for teaching, which are: Building a solid foundation for the sustainable and stable development and reform of state-owned assets and businesses; Innovating and promoting sustainable development of SOEs; Enhancing leadership quality and competence for SOEs; Exchanging information and networking for cooperation between SOEs of China and Vietnam” – Mr. Qiu Bao Lin informed.

Photos of participants to the training course attending the Opening Ceremony

Photos of participants to the training course attending the Opening Ceremony

Following the training course lasting from November 29th to December 6th, 2023, the Delegation of Vietnam’s SOEs executives will be studying at CBEAD, site-visiting China’s leading state-owned corporations and groups, having a meeting scheduled with the leader of SASAC in Beijing, and visiting the Embassy of Vietnam in China.

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