Director of National Archives of Cambodia visits the National Academy of Public Administration, Viet Nam

On March 21, 2023, the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) received the leader representative of the National Archives of Cambodia (NAC) at NAPA headquarters in Hanoi.


On behalf of NAPA, Dr. Nguyen Dang Que – Vice President of NAPA, chaired the meeting. Joining him on the NAPA side were leaders of the NAPA Office, Department of International Cooperation, and Department of Refresher Training Management. On the side of NAC, Mrs. Keo Sony – Director General of NAC, represented her organization and attended the work meeting.

Mrs. Keo Sony – Director General of NAC

Mrs. Keo Sony – Director General of NAC

The cooperation history of NAC and Hanoi University of Home Affairs (before January 1, 2023) dates back to 2013 when the Ministry of Home Affairs, Vietnam and the Office of Council of Ministers, Cambodia, signed the Memorandum of Understanding on training and refresher training for Cambodian cadres and civil servants working on the field of archives and record. Accordingly, HUHA and NAC were assigned as implementing agencies for the cooperation scheme. Since 2015, the two organizations have conducted 03 short-term training courses for Cambodian officials and civil servants in archives and records and several activities under the cooperation scheme, such as collaborative organizing seminars, conferences, and exchange of visiting delegations.

During the work meeting, Mrs. Keo Sony – General Director of NAC, expressed NAC’s interest in continuing to jointly organize with NAPA short-term training courses in archives and records for Cambodian officials. NAC also hopes to receive support in human resources, technologies and facilities for documentation and restoration.

NAPA responded with the willingness to assist in capacity building for Cambodian officials working in archives and records. Regarding the lack of NAC staff, technologies and facilities for archives and records, NAPA suggested NAC communicate its needs to the governing body and ask for approval to receive support from the Vietnamese government.

Concluding the working session, both NAPA and NAC agreed on resuming the established cooperation activities in education and training between NAC and Hanoi University of Home Affairs (before January 1, 2023). The two parties will work closely to develop and finalize a proposal for the following cooperation schemes to address NAC’s needs and exploit NAPA’s competence.

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