European Institute of Public Administration


Our mission

EIPA was created in 1981 on the occasion of the first European Council held in Maastricht, and is supported by the EU Member States and the European Commission.

Our core mission is to provide high quality training courses to develop the capacities of professionals, national and regional public administrations dealing with EU affairs, as well as the European Institutions. We offer long-standing expertise combined with problem- and practice-based teaching modules. We have been awarded four times the Framework Contract and offer and host many contract activities. At EIPA you benefit from our close ties with the European Commission, EU institutions and the different Member States.

Training Centres

We offer a broad range of high-quality training courses, from seminars to e-learning and tailor-made courses. Our training courses take place in our headquarters in Maastricht, an important hub of European dialogue, or in our training centre in Luxembourg or Barcelona. Do you want to change the date, location or programme of a course? Request a tailor-made course to meet the needs of your organisation or institute.

What sets us apart?

The variety of our training courses are perfect to integrate into the demanding schedules of busy professionals. They are designed to help you find your way through EU processes and policies, whilst strengthening your capacity to perform effectively in this area. Moreover, they take place in a European environment. You benefit directly from the views and best practices from participants from a wide variety of countries and sectors: a great opportunity to network!

Find your training course

Our training courses are small-scale and interactive. You can easily find a specific course by browsing through our upcoming seminars (use the advanced search options on the right), or click on one of our Focus Areas:

  • European Decision-Making
  • European Policies
  • European Public Management
  • European Union Law
  • Regional Affairs

Training course

Our training courses are designed to meet the specific needs and interests of professionals. Through seminars, self-study modules and tailor-made courses you will be given the chance to broaden your competence and strengthen your skills. We are one of the main providers of training services for the EU now for many years. At EIPA you benefit directly from our long-standing expertise and know-how!

Find your training course

Our high-quality training courses range from short seminars to several days of training. They take place in our headquarters in Maastricht, in our vibrant training centres in Luxembourg or Barcelona, or at your institute or organisation.

Lecturers from the European commission, civil servants and other practitioners from EU Member States give you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge in practice-oriented courses. Our experts share perspectives from diverse backgrounds. Participate in professional dialogues with participants from all over Europe. In-depth knowledge and practical know-how will be shared – a unique opportunity for exchange and networking!

Our open training courses are practical, to the point and interactive. They deepen your knowledge through lively discussions, case studies and comparative analyses. Each seminar is to a certain extent unique, with practice-oriented cases and room for discussion. You will receive specific recommendations to read before the course takes place. After the course you can take a test in order to receive EIPA’s Certificate of Success.

Find your EU training course now and use our advanced search options on the right. In case you want to adjust a course to meet your specific needs, request a tailor-made course.

i-Learn by EIPA

EIPA is the leading centre of European learning and development for the public sector. It is the place where people who deal with European affairs can learn – either face-to-face or in a virtual environment – benefiting from our unique combination of practical know-how and scientific excellence. We help you to meet the challenges of Europe and the complexities of modern public management.

Our value

Create your learning and development programme around content you can trust. Building on 30 years as a leading provider of face-to-face courses on European affairs and public management, EIPA now also offers a range of online learning solutions. With the same high quality and practical insights, these can meet many of your needs when you just don’t have time to travel. We are the right provider for your comprehensive, up-to-date and modern learning and development programme.

EIPA Online Learning offers you

  • a complete package of EU Governance self-study modules
  • interactive online seminars
  • blended learning solutions, creating the optimal mix of learning methodologies for you
  • consultation to help define your needs and build your e-Learning programme
  • technical support, strategic advice, online learning development
  • interesting price offers for course packages and discounts for multiple licenses

Study visits

Having over 30 years of experience, EIPA is the perfect partner to guide and support the development and knowledge of non-EU countries in the fields of European public management, EU policies, decision-making, EU law, regional and EuroMed activities. The European study visit programme is specially developed for continued education, retraining and upgrading of the professional skills of civil servants from non-EU countries. We have a long track record in organising study visits which enable participants to obtain a deep understanding of how Europe works. This is achieved through the delivery of a combination of expert lectures, visits to European institutions, and country-specific regional administrations.


EIPA provides consultancy to European public administrations and agencies in the areas of Quality Management, public sector performance, organisational and human resource development and in the management of European policies.


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