Core values and Objectives of NAPA

Core values         

-Tradition; science and modernity; and integration;

– Enabling and serving;

– Dedication; responsibility.


Overall objectives

NAPA will havebecome a prestigious national center with a firm  position in training and research on public administration, leadership and management, public governance, and public policies for cadres, civil servants, and public employees, contributing to further comprehensiverenovation of the country.NAPA will have enjoyed its autonomous status, performedadvanced governance, and operatedefficiently.

Specific objectives

a, Regarding apparatus, structure, and human resources

NAPA will have been strengthened and streamlined, enjoying a legal status which is commensurate with its position, mandate, and assigned tasks. Itsquality workforce will have had an appropriately structure with highly qualified scholars and experts who are capable to perform the training and research tasks assigned by the Party and the State and to meet the training and researchdemands in society.NAPA will havedeveloped a network of visiting lecturers who are senior leaders of the Party, the State, and ministries as well as international scholars for its training and research activities.

b, Regarding degree training

The degree training for talents and public officials at strategic level on public administration, public management, public governance and public policy will have been conducted.The degree training programs and their training modes will have been diversified to meet the demand of high quality human resourcesof the political system as a whole and society.

c, Regarding refresher training

The training curricula and materials on leadership and management for public officials at strategic level will have been developed. The training curricula, materials, content will have been comprehensively renovated. The training materials will have been used as handbooks on public administration, leadership, management, and governance for public officials. NAPA will have been a developer for capacity, civil service ethics, leadership and management culture for public leaders and managers at all levels; a provider ofthe training on public administration, public management, teaching methods for lecturers and researchers of thepublic service training institutions all over the country.

d, Regarding research and consultancy on public administration, public management, and public policy

NAPA’s research works will have met the regional standards and towards the international standards, serving directly and effectively thepublic service training; provided consultancy and scientific arguments for formulation of the Party’s guidelines,public policies and legislation on public administration, public governance, and public management.

The Institute of Administrative Studies will have become one of the leading research center of administrative sciences.

The State Management Review will have become a prestigious, regional-level scientific journal and a reliable forum of domestic and international research works on administrative sciences and policy sciences.

e, Regarding international cooperation

International cooperation will have contributed to NAPA’s international integration, training and research quality at regional level. International joint training programsof high quality and at regional standard will have been delivered.

NAPA will have affirmed its role and position in the system of regional and international associations, institutes, and schools of public administration. NAPA will have been a reliable partner in cooperation,transfer of teaching methods and technology, research, and high quality training at international standards.

NAPA will have been one of the national centers to receive modern technology of public service training at regional and global standards and transfer itto Vietnam.

Regarding testing the civil service entrance and training accreditation

NAPA will have been capable to conduct the testing of the civil service entrance. NAPA’s graduate training programs will have been accredited internationally and refresher training will have been accredited as required.

h) Regarding public service delivery and training support

NAPA’s public service delivery will have been expanded to meet the requirements of training, research, and international integration. Technological infrastructure and application of scientific and technological achievements will have been developed to renovate training methods, modes and training accreditation. Publications and forms of publishing, the information and documentation systems, libraries will have been modernized and diversify to provide rich, updated source of printed and electronic documents and materials. An e-library will have been operated.

i) Regarding internal governance, facilities, and modernization

NAPA will have modernized its internal governance and improved its administration to meet practical requirements, ensure effectiveness,and  improveperformance. It will have enjoyed connected, modern physical facilities which meet the requirements of high-quality training and research.E-Academy will have been launched.

j) Regarding financial autonomy

NAPA will have exercised 100% autonomy in regular spending by 2021.




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