Department of Graduate Training Management

Key functions and tasks

  • Development and execution of plans for admission to graduate training- Development and execution of graduate training programs.
  • Drafting regulations on admission  and training of the graduate training programs;
  • Assisting the President of the National Academy of Public Administration in unifying the management, guidance, and control of the implementation of regulations on graduate training at NAPA Campuses.
  • Applying for licenses for new specializations of graduate training as regulated.
  • Collaborating with related departments in development and revision of training curricula and materials for graduate training.
  • Development of the list of internal and external instructors involved in graduate training.
  • Implementation of joint-graduate training program with domestic training institutions and trans-national education.
  • Organizing and managing the foundation courses for applicants to the master training programs and for doctoral students.
  • Organizing the testing of foreign language command of graduate students as regulated.
  • Organizing and managing the graduate training, managing research and learning activities of graduate students as required by the Regulations on Graduate Training of the Ministry of Education and Training and regulations of the Academy.
  • Submitting to the President of the National Academy of Public Administration for approval of the decision on successful candidates for graduate training program, decision on graduation recognition for master students and doctoral students, decision on awarding degrees, certificates, commendation and disciplines to graduate students; managing  the awarding of degrees and certificates
  • Management of resources in graduate training as regulated.
  • Application of information technology and other modern technologies in management of graduate training; Announcing documents related to the master and doctor degree training as regulated by the Ministry of Education and Training and the Academy.
  • Surveys of graduate training’s needs, development of projects related to graduate training.
  • Providing services to support the graduate training

Organizational Structure

Deputy Director of Department

  1. Dr. Nguyễn Minh Sản
  2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoàng Mai


Division of Training Planning

  • Head of the division: Dr. Nguyễn Thu Thủy
  • Deputy Head:
    • Dr. Cao Thị Hà
    • Ms. Nguyễn Thị Thanh Bình

Division of Master Training Management

  • Head of the division: Ms. Đỗ Thuận An
  • Deputy Head:
    • Ms. Hà Thị Thoa

Division of Doctor Training Management

  • Head of the division: Dr. Lê Anh Xuân
  • Deputy Head: Dr. Lê Như Phong

Division of Graduate Training Support Management

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