Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration


Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration (EROPA) – the premier organization where students, experts, scholars, and practitioners from all over the world gathering and sharing their experience in public administration. It is a community that exercises dynamism and excellence towards efficient and effective Public Administration and Governance in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

The EROPA is an organization of states, groups and individuals in the region of Asia and the Pacific. The Organization established in 1960, in response to a common desire among developing countries to promote regional cooperation in improving knowledge, systems and practices of government administration to help accelerate economic and social development. It was the first organization in the region to be devoted to the development of public administration in order to advance the economic and social development of countries in Asia and the Pacific. EROPA consists of state members and institutions in the region such as institutes or schools of public administration, universities, agencies and municipal corporations and individuals whose achievements in the field of governance and public administration are recognized.

EROPA endeavors to achieve its objectives through regional conferences, seminars, training programs, and publications. Its activities are carried out through the EROPA headquarters in Manila, as well as through its four regional centers, namely the EROPA Development Management Center in Kyenggi-do, Korea, the EROPA Local Government Center in Tokyo, Japan, the EROPA Training Center in New Delhi, India, and the EROPA E-Government Research Center in Beijing, China.

Activities of EROPA have been held in different parts of the region. Meetings, conferences and seminars have been conducted in Manila, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangkok, New Delhi, Seoul, Taipei, Tehran, Jakarta, Kathmandu, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Macau, Hanoi, Canberra, Samoa, and Bandar Seri Begawan.

As one of the leading organizations in the Asia-Pacific region, EROPA has been accredited by the United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN) as one of the latter’s Online Regional Centers (ORCs). As such, the EROPA serves as one of UNPAN’s contributors in the Asia-Pacific region in keeping an updated database of public administration developments.

Opportunity to join/co-host Regional Conferences

For a discounted fee, EROPA members get the chance to join annual regional conferences conducted by EROPA. As a member, you get to meet and learn from public administration scholars and practitioners in the region, and share knowledge, practices and insights in the field. Each year, a relevant theme is chosen, as well as the host country within the Asia-Pacific region. State (country) members also have the opportunity to host these conferences.

Networking opportunities

EROPA has a vast network of NGOs, government agencies, academic institutions, policy leaders and experts working in public administration and governance.  Furthermore, EROPA is maintaining a database called EROPA ExP (EROPA Experts and Practitioners) that taps available specialists that cater to individuals and institutions in need of technical assistance in different fields of public administration.  Members can even apply as one of the experts/consultants in EROPA.

Asian Review of Public Administration

ARPA is the flagship journal publication of EROPA, which synthesizes relevant ideas and developments in public administration and governance.  Members are entitled to a free copy of the journal, released twice a year.

Online platforms of EROPA

EROPA has recently gone online, expanding its presence in the social media sites (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.)  Members can interact with one another through the website, as well as other online platforms.

Other activities 

EROPA members can also join other activities that are organized by EROPA, such as seminars, training activities, fora, etc.

Part of a Regional Organization

EROPA members hold the prestige of being a member of a regional organization that continues to foster the theory and practice of public administration.


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