Faculty of State Management of Economics Affairs and Public Finance organizing Seminar “Macroeconomic policy formulation in a market economy”

On June 20th, 2019,  Faculty of State Management of Economics Affairs and Public Finance organized Seminar “Macroeconomic policy formulation in a market economy”.

Presented in the seminar were: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dinh Van Nha, Deputy Chairperson, Committee for Budget and Financial Affairs, National Assembly; Mr. Nguyen Hong Quan, former Minister of Construction; Mr. Pham Xuan Duong, Deputy Head, Central Commission for Economic Affairs; Mr. Vu Van Tam, former Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Dinh Thien, member of advising group to Prime Minister, former Director, Vietnam Institute of Economics; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Luu Ngoc Trinh, former Director, Institute of World Economics and Politics; Prof.Dr. le Du Phong, former Rector of National Economics University; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dang Van Thanh, former Deputy Chairperson of Committee for Budget and Financial Affairs, National Assembly; Dr. Vu Nhu Thang, General Director, Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Finance, Mr. Doan Ngoc Xuan, General Director, Department of Social Affairs, Central Commission for Economics Affairs; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Xuan Hai, former Director of Academic Management, Academy of Finance; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phan The Cong, University of Commerce.

In the opening speech, Dr. Dang Xuan Hoan emphasized the important task of public servants training and senior civil service development in building a socialist oriented market economy in the context of wide integration and building of a developmental, enabling Government in Vietnam.  This task is clearly mentioned in the Resolution of the Communist Party of Vietnam dated  May 19th ,2018 and Government Decree dated September 1st, 2017. Therefore, the seminar would create a forum for academics and experts to discuss both theoretical and practical issues in relation with the practice of macroeconomic policy formulation of ministries and agencies, which provides inputs for training content development for senior civil service in the coming time.

The workshop covered the following topics: theoretical issues of the relationship between the market economy, state management and macroeconomic policy formulation; macroeconomic policy formulation in a market economy; international experience in macroeconomic policy formulation in a market economy. The workshop focused on the practice of policy making of ministries and agencies, clarifying the role of vice ministers in policy formulation in the socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam. At the seminar, former Ministers, former Vice Ministers, general directors shared their practices of macroeconomic policy formulation, success stories, failure and its reasons. The seminar also discussed unanticipated, hidden impacts of the market economy on macroeconomic policy formulation which were not always recognized by vice ministers. The exchange of ideas and comments revealed absence of certain knowledge and skills, which provided inputs for content training development of the topic “policy formulation in the market economy” of the training program for vice ministers and the equivalent in the future.

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