NAPA Branch Campus in Hue organizing training courses for department-level leaders and managers

The training courses for department leaders and managers covers nine topics and two thematic presentations, divided into two parts: the knowledge part on Leadership including topics on working style and methods of the departmental leaders; public administration reform in the current period and the responsibilities of departmental leaders; socio-economic development in the context of globalization, challenges and requirements. The skills part includes topics on human resource development and management; communication and public relations; management tools.

Course participants are expected to have better understanding of the position, functions, tasks and roles of departmental leaders in the state administrative apparatus, and improving their responsibility and performance. In addition to the lectures, course participants will take a field trip and are required to compose a paper on their management practice.

The training aims at building a contingent of professional, qualified, competent public officials who are capable to meet the requirements of the national industrialization and modernization and international integration through equipping and updating knowledge and skills of state management, standardizing and improving public officials.

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