Policy on Private Universities Development in Vietnam


Major: Public Administration Management

Code : 62 34 82 01

Postgraduate: Dang Thi Minh


  1. Prof. Dr. Chu Hong Thanh
  2. Prof. Dr. Dinh Thi Minh Tuyet

Educational institution: National Academy of Public Administration

New contributions in term of academy and theory gained from the research thesis:

“Policy on Private Universities Development in Vietnam” are summarized as follows:

  1. Basing on the theoretic and practical research, scientific approaches, the thesis has introduced concepts of private university, policy on private universities development; classification of private universities, key role of private universities and elements impacting on the policy on private universities development. The author has clarified the comprehension of the policy on private universities development, including financial policy, staff of lecturers, and policy to ensure autonomy of their training activities
  2. The doctoral thesis has made argument, analyzed the viewpoints of private universities development and principles to improve the policy on private universities development in accordance with the current situation. The thesis aims to provide scientific ground for making policy on private universities development in line with the guidelines on substantial and comprehensive reform of higher education and tendency of higher education development in the world, accordingly, to confirm the nationale of the private universities development in the context and conditions of market economy development and industrialization and modernization of the country.
  3. The thesis has summarized, compared and evaluated the actual situation of the private university development and the implementation of the law on private university development in order to clarify strong points, week points and shortcomings and identify the main causes of the actual realization of this policy. Accordingly, solutions are proposed for improving the policy on finance, policy on lecturers, policy to ensure autonomy of the private universities and other policies for private universities development today.

Summary of the Thesis: Click here

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